Commercial/Industrial: All commercial or industrial haulers or entities engaged in collecting, transporting, or disposing of solid waste within the corporate limits of the City of Miami are required to be licensed by the City of Miami under a Non-Exclusive Commercial Solid Waste Franchise Agreement. The agreement allows the “Franchisee” to provide the aforementioned services to commercial properties and apartment buildings of four (4) or more units within the City of Miami.

The Franchise Agreement provides information regarding the following:

  1. The rules of conduct and requirements governing the operation of the Franchisees’ within the City of Miami.
  2. The fees associated with being a licensed Franchisee include; the annual franchise fee to pick up both garbage and trash.
  3. There is a monthly franchise fee of 24% of gross receipts that is due to the City of Miami each month.
  4. There is also a $75.00 permit per account fee due to the City of Miami annually by Oct. 1st, for all ac-tive commercial accounts including roll-off accounts.
  5. The term of the Franchise Agreement is for a period of five years (1/01/2016-1/01/2021) with three (3) one (1) year option periods to renew through 1/01/2024 at the discretion of the City of Miami.

For general questions, please contact the Solid Waste Department at 305-960-2863.

Non-Exclusive Commercial Solid Waste Franchisee Haulers List:

Non-Exclusive Franchise Commercial Haulers List

Please refer to our printable list of Commercial Haulers:

Commercial Haulers List (PDF)